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Hot Jobs
People take part times jobs at different points in their lives for different reasons. Maybe they’re saving extra money for a new car, vacation, or to put down on a house.

Online Jobs
If you want an online job but you don’t feel qualified, use distance learning to bridge the gap between what you have and what you don’t in terms of experience.

Grant Writing
Are you wondering if grant writing is for you? If you enjoy writing and can get a quick understanding of a company’s finances, you may enjoy a career helping companies request for grants.

Career Information
Spending extra time preparing for interviews may seem like you’re lowering your ROI but just the opposite is true. Most successful sales careers have been built on careful and thorough understanding of clients’ needs.

While looking for your next job, consider other ways you can build your career skills besides mastering the job search. For example, learn how to network better. Take a course on public speaking. Develop and practice your “elevator speech.”

Jobs Online
Besides using online job sites to look for jobs, you can also use online job sites to post your resume. That way companies that are looking will have access to your resume. Once a resume is scanned and logged into their database, the recruiter can set up searches that will compare your skill set with any opening they may have.

Employment Agencies
Do you want to change jobs but you don’t know where to start? Employment agencies can help. Not all agencies are state run “unemployment” agencies. Even if you’re still employed, you can get a lot out of these state agencies. Many job agencies focus on specific niche markets or focus on higher paying executive positions nationwide. Chances are there is an employment agency out there that can help you land your next job.

List of Careers
Besides helping you identify candidate careers, the career information can also help you win interviews and ultimately job offers. How? You can tailor your education and your resume based on the information provided in career lists.

Employment Opportunities
The beauty to the job agent is that you can either run it manually or have it run on a schedule you set in your profile. Then if any jobs match your job agent, it will contact you by e-mail alerting you to the employment opportunities that meet your search criteria.

Job Opportunities
Make it easy to get found and employed. If you do run out of things to do in the meantime, go online to find resume writing and job interviewing tips.

Technical Writing
Is technical writing for you? If you have the ability to combine your right-brain and left-brain successfully, then you might excel as a technical writer.

Job Finder
Sometimes you’re more ready for career advancement than your company is. Maybe you’re company’s growth has stagnated. Maybe they have a different culture that requires you to work longer before they would consider you for career advancement.

Job Opportunity
How many times do you come across that perfect job opportunity only to find out that it’s already been filled? Don’t you hate when that happens? But this doesn’t have to be you. If you use a job search site, you can use their online tools to help keep you informed about the latest job openings that are right for you.

Career Builders
The more jobs you apply for, the more interviews you go on. The more interviews you go on, the more career opportunities you get. Use job search sites like Career Builder to help you find job opportunities.

Freelance Writing
When you first start out, do what ever you need to do to come up with your first three clients. Don’t fall for the myth that beginner writers must write for free to build their portfolio. That’s not true. There are plenty of paying markets out there, albeit they might be low paying, but still, better to get paid something than it is to write for free.

Career Change
Consider distance learning as a means for you to go back to school while you continue working. Update your resume to make it look right for your target career employers. Prepare for tough interview questions.

Career Choices
Don’t learn the hard way. Career choices you make now can affect your future earning potential. How? Statistics show that people’s starting salaries affect how much they’ll earn over the years.

Employment Search
To make the most of your networking opportunities, make sure you can explain what you do or what you want to do in less than a minute. This is the infamous “elevator speech.” People laugh at it, but trust me, they laugh harder when you don’t employ one.

Business Writing
Why do I need to study business writing? Because while your actual job title may be something different, you probably still do a lot of writing for work. Effective writing for work is very different that writing for personal correspondence.

Career Development
We get personal coaches at the gym so why not get a coach for your career? Let a professional help you develop your career plan and give you a little jump start. Many large job search sites like Career Builder will have links to companies that help people turn their career ladders into escalators!

Is freelance editing in your future? Are you the go-to person whenever your boss needs to have any documents edited before they go out? Secretly (or not so secretly) does it bother you when you see “its” and “it’s” used incorrectly? Many people work as editors part-time at home.

Job Openings
You set up a job agent much like you set up your manual search parameters when you do a manual search on Career Builder. But then you save the search with a name and you tell Career Builder how often to run the search for you. Now you can have job alerts notify you as soon as a job opening that looks perfect for you opens up.

Changing Careers
Career change interview fact #2: You’re a seasoned professional who has been out in the work force for some time now. You’re not a young college graduate without any knowledge of the “real” world. You have many cross-over skills and experience that can apply to your new career.

Career Help
Getting career help is easy with the internet. With the internet, you can find general career information, help with your resume, with networking, and even help with preparing for your interviews.

Career Goals
Other than education and experience, networking will be the easiest way to get on your career track of choice, which means the teachers from wherever you graduated from, or even introducing your self directly from someone successfully fulfilling your career goal; research conferences and local interest groups.

Know the Difference Between a Job and a Career
Evaluate where you’d rather be, career wise, and then figure out what you need to do to get there. Take the first step and keep moving yourself in that position.

Career Outlook
Going back to school helps you stand out in an interview. The fact that most people get couch-potato complacent and don’t go back to school speaks volumes about your self-motivation and your work ethics. Interviewers like that. Going back to school is good for your career.

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