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Career builders focus on different facets of career advancement


Career builders know that working hard at your job will only take you so far. You must also learn how to maximize your career opportunities. Build up your education. Build your writing and speaking skills.


More interviews means more job offers

The only way you’re going to get that job offer is if you get that job interview. To get job interviews you must focus on quality and quantity. For quality, focus on your resume and yourself. If you were an interviewer, would you hire you? Spend some time working on your interviewing skills. Consider going on practice interviews (with jobs that you aren’t that interested in) to get you up to speed.

Quantity is also important. The more jobs you apply for, the more interviews you go on. The more interviews you go on, the more career opportunities you get. Use job search sites like Career Builder to help you find job opportunities. Career Builder has many online tools you can use including an automated job search that will alert you to potential fits. You can also post your resume on to Career Builder so that potential employers can contact you for interviews.

If you feel that your career has stagnated, consider improving your “salability.” Do you need to work on your education? Distance learning is a way you can bridge what you are doing now and where you want to be in the future.

If you don’t get the job offer after the interview, don’t be afraid to follow up with the interviewer. Find out what happened; did somebody better suited come along? If so, how were they better for that position?

Ways to build your career

1) Get an internship
2) Volunteer
3) Improve computer skills
4) Get leadership skills
5) Talk to people in your chosen field
6) Study abroad
7) Handle money and analyze a budget
8) Write often
9) Learn to make proposals
10) Start a club, fundraiser etc.
11) Join Toastmasters
12) Join a professional group
13) Read about experts in your field
14) Seek summer employment in your chosen field
15) Read about related organizations
16) Start a resume hopper
17) Take a seminar or workshop
18) Join an email list
19) Collect Articles
20) Be an imagineer and visualize your future
21) Choose some heroes and learn about them
22) Practice what you want to do
23) Take a risk

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