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Use distance learning to carve out your new career while you’re still working your old career. Having these weapons in your arsenal can make a big difference when you knock on doors looking to get employed. Don’t go for that old myth that you can’t make a career change while you’re still employed.

Job Listings
Spend some time to look at different job web sites. You don’t want to end up wasting your time at a site that has old listings or not enough new ones to make it worth your while. After you scrub your resume of personal information, consider posting it online at a job web site so that potential employers can view your listing.

Monster Jobs
If you’re tired of your current job and you’d really like a new job or even a new career, use Monster. You can search jobs and apply online for any jobs that you really like. Monster has all kinds of different jobs and for geographical locations all across the US. You can specialize your job search if you’re just interested in certain career fields like human resources or sales.

Career Search
Spend extra time on your resume, making sure that it showcases your current skill set for your target career. Make sure you scrub industry specific buzzwords and use language that your target employer will understand.

Think of resumes as a marketing brochure. Consider a brochure for a beach time-share. Which brochure would compel you to visit to learn more, the one with rates (which make you cringe), or the one with tantalizing copy promising you insider information if you show up in person? Treat resumes the same way.

At Home Jobs
Instead of having to go back out after dinner, you can set up shop in front of your computer and work your second job at home. Working part time jobs using your computer and online opportunities helps you to moonlight without having to be out all hours of the night.

Job Postings
Take the job posting and tailor your resume to it. Your resume should look like you exist for the job posting that you are applying for. Even after all of your focused work, are you still discouraged by the response rate? Don’t be.

Career Planning
Interviewing shouldn’t be all about what you want; who would want to hire somebody like that? But if your interviewer asks about your career plans, make sure you have something prepared to say. Don’t let your interviewer decide your fate at your new company.

Job Boards
Job boards have a longer history than job search sites because of their simplicity. Taking a cue from our traditional bulletin boards, a job board is nothing more than a set of job postings online.

Monster Job
Did you know that the Monster job site can give you more than just the latest job postings? Monster will help you network as well as give you free career advice.

Cool Jobs
Wondering where all the cool jobs are? Does it seem like everybody else finds out about the great jobs before you do? Do you know how you can find out all about your next cool job while you sleep?

Highest Paying Jobs
It’s no wonder that people with the highest paying jobs are usually in careers that offer high salaries all the way around. If you feel you’re in a dead end job and want a new career, why not do yourself a favor and target a higher paying job? After all, hard work is hard work, so you might as well pick a job that’s going to pay you well for your hard work.

Self Employment
Understanding the self employment contributions act (SECA) tax is a must for anybody considering being self employed. Basically, the SECA is what you have to pay when you’re self-employed. When somebody else employs you, they help pay the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax that withholds your social security and Medicaid taxes.

Job Outlook
Job outlook research is easy online! The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics keeps track and publishes all kinds of information about jobs, current salaries, and future outlooks.

Employment Services
Why professional employment services? When you consider how important the decision you make when it comes to getting a new job, it makes sense to have a professional employment service help you with different aspects of your career. Because you’re at a vulnerable state when you’re looking for a new job, be careful with whom you place your trust.

Choosing a Career
Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. In America (also other parts of the world), one’s career is important to one’s identity. We often define who we are by our careers.

Career Advice
The best career advice I can give you is to stay in school. Were you expecting advice on career choices instead? Before you ignore my advice, consider how education impacts your career.

Career Opportunities
Experts claim that there may be up to as many as 50% career opportunities in the hidden job market. Whether you’re currently out of work or looking to advance your career, always be prepared for “hidden” interviews.

Top Ten Careers
Top Career # 1 Healthcare. According to the BLS, healthcare and social assistance will grow by 32.4 % over the next ten years. Doctors, Nurses, and Physician’s Assistants will remain hot jobs.

The Ten Hottest Careers
The ten hottest careers in IT will assure you a bright future. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Statistics reports that technical consulting will grow by 54% and Information technology will grow 18% over the next ten years.

Career Center
With the Internet today, it’s easier than ever to find a career center that can work for you. Many job search sites offer more than just a bulletin board of job or career openings.

Best Careers
How many of those best careers articles have you read in the past six months?

Career Jobs
If you choose your job and you’re happy with it, then you’ve got a career.

Business Letter Writing
The type of business letters will set the tone of your writing.


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