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Careers dictate resume format


Different careers use different forms of resumes. When you’re working on your resume, beware of services that try to sell you on just one template, regardless of your target career. That’s because formats of resumes really depend on the industry or position that you have. Lawyers have different resumes from professors who have different resumes from actors.


Writing resumes depends on what type of job you want

When you are trying to advance in your career, it is very important that you tailor your resumes to be consistent with industry wide standards. That’s because recruiters in your field see lots of resumes. If they have to spend too much time looking at yours to understand what you’re trying to say, you can bank on getting yours tossed in the trash.

When you’re trying to change your career, it’s even more important that you resumes match your target industry with the right format and content. You can find sample resumes that will help you get your own into shape. Certain parts of resumes only matter with specific fields or jobs. Don’t broadcast your recent foray into a new career by not paying attention to how resumes are written for that career.

Confused about what resumes should look like for your target career? Don’t panic. Find a service that has experience writing resumes in that field. You can find a good one at a job search web site like Smart Job Guides or

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