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Job Interview
Congratulations. You did a good job on your resume and you’ve landed on top of the stack. But if you want the job offer, you’ve got to work on your interview skills.

Career Descriptions
Customizing your resume to target specific careers will help you increase how many interviews you are asked to go to. Finally, if you see anything in a job description that you’re lacking in yourself; make a plan to overcome those barriers.

Job Interviews
Flat out ask for the job during the interview. Something like, “So what do you think, am I a good fit for the job?” You don’t want to leave the interview until the interviewer says that you’re perfect for the job. Any reservations that they have, you must address head on.

Free Resume Builder
You could make a pair of slacks or a dress without a pattern but why would you want to? Why not take the guesswork out by using a pattern? The same metaphor should be used when you’re working on your job search. You can find a free resume builder on just about every decent job search site.

Job Interview Tips
Tip # 1. Do your homework before you go into a job interview. Find out what the salary range is for the work you’re targeting. Find out, if possible, how much your target employer is already paying people in the same or similar position. You can do much of your recon work on job search sites like Career Builder. Have a rough idea what your interviewer is getting paid before you start throwing out numbers for yourself.

Writing a Cover Letter
Writing a cover letter is really a way to let the person who is going to be reading it know that you put thought and enthusiasm into whatever position you are applying for, as opposed to having simply pulled out the resumes you apply to everything with, It should also point out anything in one’s resumes that you feel is particularly applicable to the position.

Resume Services
Many companies provide resume services from which job-seekers can benefit.

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