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Interview is the next step after recruiter spots your resume


Knowing how to interview makes all the difference between landing your dream job and just dreaming about your dream job. People who excel in their interviews are the ones that manage to advance their career successfully and steadily.


Career Builder tip - Advance when you understand how to close the deal

You can use a job search web site like career builder to learn more about interviewing. Most job search web sites offer job search tips and advice for free. Even if you’ve had tons of interviews and feel you’ve been building your career successfully, there’s always something you can glean from a job search site.

In order to win interviews, you have to become successful at writing tantalizing resumes. Does that sound funny? Consider the alternative. You could get really good at writing boring resumes that are thrown out. Which would you rather do? Write the resume that gets you interviews or write the resume that gets thrown out?

No matter what career you’re in, improving your techniques in interviews will set you apart from your competition. Know when to shut up and listen. Be skilled at resolving objections. Understand the negotiation process. These are just a few components of interviews that you must educate yourself on. A career might not have been built in one day, but you can certainly build your career day-by-day. Continually improve your resume. Conduct practice interviews to improve your performance. By treating your job search like a job, you’ll be sure to see results that will make you happy.

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