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Online jobs offer flexibility and variety


With the advent of the Internet, the possibility of working online jobs proves advantageous to many people. You have more flexibility with your work hours when you have an online job. Many people enjoy second careers by telecommuting part time.

Many people pursue secondary careers with freelance work

If you want an online job but you don’t feel qualified, use distance learning to bridge the gap between what you have and what you don’t in terms of experience. The great thing about distance learning is you can go to school while you continue to work your job. You don’t have to quit your job in order to go to school.

Getting an online job can allow you to pursue a new career without having to give up the security of your current job. You can try a couple of freelance gigs and if you don’t like that line of work, you’re all the smarter for your experience and you haven’t jeopardized your current career.

Because when you’re applying for an online job, your interaction with your prospective employer will be online, your resume is more important than your interview skills. Make sure you hone your resume for each specific online job that your are targeting. Take out your current employer information if you’re worried that they might get wind of your current job search.

Online Job Search Mistakes (from the job hunt . org website)

Posting your resume without worrying about privacy.
- Protect your identity and your existing job, if you are employed, by limiting access to your contact information (name, address, and phone number).
Using only the big name Web job sites.
- Many of the "big names" are great sites, but they can also be expensive for employers to use and not attractive to some specialized groups of job seekers.
Using the "fire-ready-aim" method of distributing your resume.
- Posting your resume at hundreds of job sites or "blasting" it to hundreds or thousands of recruiters and employers is a self-defeating strategy.
Limiting your job search efforts to the Internet only.
- Even if you have a job and can only job hunt at home in your spare time, don't focus all of your attention online.
Applying for jobs without meeting the minimum qualifications.
- It's SO easy just to click on that "apply" button, even if you don't really qualify for the job, just in case they might see something in your resume that interests them.
Depending on e-mail as your only method of contact.
-Spam, defined as unsolicited bulk commercial e-mail, comprises up to 75% or more of e-mail traffic in mid-2005, and it's become a significant expense for many companies.
Assuming that you have privacy with e-mail and Internet use at work.
- Again, it may cost you your job, if you have one, by inappropriately using company assets (the computer and software you use, even the Internet connection), by violating the company Internet "acceptable use" policy, and/or simply by revealing to your employer that you are job hunting.
Not leveraging the extensive Internet research resources to find potential employers or to stand out from the crowd with a resume and cover letter customized to the employer.
- Use the Internet to identify potential employers, evaluate them, and contact them.
Assuming that e-mail is an informal, private, temporary medium.
- You can quickly sabotage yourself by sending business e-mail using a crazy, cute, or weird e-mail address.
Sending a virus-laden "surprise" with your e-mailed resume.
- An e-mail message containing a virus is usually quarantined and deleted.
Expecting someone else to do the work (the job sites, a recruiter, your outplacement counselor, etc.).
- A job hunt is a do-it-yourself project!
Forgetting that a personal resume Web page/portfolio is a business document.
- Stick to business-related information that will help, rather than hurt, your job search.

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