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Careers :: When you’re trying to change your career, it’s even more important that you resumes match your target industry with the right format and content. You can find sample resumes that will help you get your own into shape. Certain parts of resumes only matter with specific fields or jobs. Don’t broadcast your recent foray into a new career by not paying attention to how resumes are written for that career.

Education :: Wow, you say. That’s sounds good. I’d like to get more educated but how? I don’t have the time to quit working so that I can work with educators in my new program. You don’t have to quit work to get educated when distance learning is involved. You can further your career by getting a college degree with a distance learning program. Many colleges provide programs either through correspondence or using the Internet.

Resume :: When you go to college, they don’t really teach you how to advance your career. In order to get the jobs you want, you need to know how to write an effective resume that will win you interviews.

Interview :: You can use a job search web site like career builder to learn more about interviewing. Most job search web sites offer job search tips and advice for free. Even if you’ve had tons of interviews and feel you’ve been building your career successfully, there’s always something you can glean from a job search site.

Career Builder :: When you’re looking for a new job, make sure you take advantage of everything that job search web sites like Career Builder and Monster have to offer you. Besides being a source for looking for jobs, job search sites often have other resources to help you build your career such as access to resume services or information about continuing your education.


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