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University of Phoenix Online Focuses on Team Learning


Unlike some other schools, the University of Phoenix Online focuses on Team Learning. For all classes, team assignments can make up to 20% of the student’s total grade. Consequently, students get more than they bargained for when pursuing an education at Phoenix’s online university (UoP online).

Online Education for those Working Full-Time

UoP online believes that distance learning shouldn’t be a solely individual or isolated effort. In an effort to help their students do better in their careers, UoP online believes that its students should get more practice working effectively as a virtual team. Besides submitting individual short answers and papers, students must also work as a part of a team, usually on a single course long project where the work on one week builds on the week done previously.

UoP online targets mature adults who have been in the work force for at least five years. The majority of UoP online students have been career oriented for some time. By designing their online classes so that they don’t require meetings at set times, UoP online helps busy individuals advance their educations. But don’t get the wrong idea; UoP online is not set up like other distance learning programs, say a correspondence course, where you set your own timeline. UoP requires you to be online at least four times a week to participate and you need to post assignments on a weekly schedule.

Effective team work is an integral part to a successful career. Many an interview has revolved around a person’s “team spirit.” Even online jobs require collaboration to a certain degree. UoP’s stance on online team learning might educate you on more than what you signed up for, too.

Degree Programs available online at the University of Phoenix :: Get your degree. Improve your career. Order free information by clicking here!

Associate of Arts in General Studies
Bachelor of Science in Business/Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Business/Administration
Bachelor of Science in Business/Finance
Bachelor of Science in Business/Management
Bachelor of Science in Business/Marketing
Bachelor of Science in Business/Public Administration
Bachelor of Science in Business/Retail Management
Bachelor of Science in Management
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration/Accounting
Master of Business Administration/Global Management
Master of Business Administration/Human Resources Management
Master of Business Administration/Marketing
Master of Business Administration/Public Administration
Master of Management
Master of Management/Human Resource Management
Master of Management/Public Administration
Doctor of Business Administration
Doctor of Management in Information Systems and Technology
Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership

Bachelor of Science in Business/e-Business
Bachelor of Science in Business/Information Systems
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Master of Business Administration/e-Business
Master of Business Administration/Technology Management
Master of Information Systems
Master of Information Systems/Management

Health Care
Bachelor of Science/Health Administration
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Master of Business Administration/Health Care Management
Master of Health Administration
Master of Science in Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing - Nursing/Health Care Education
Master of Science in Nursing/Integrative Health Care
Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Business Administration/Health Care Management
Doctor of Health Administration

Master of Arts in Education/Administration & Supervision
Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum & Instruction
Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum & Instruction - Adult Education
Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum & Instruction - Computer Education
Master of Arts in Education/Early Childhood Education
Master of Arts in Education/Elementary Teacher Education
Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teacher Education
Master of Arts in Education/Special Education
Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership
Continuing Teacher Education

Social and Behavioral Science
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration
Bachelor of Science/Human Services Management
Master of Science/Administration of Justice and Security

Individual Courses available from the University of Phoenix :: Get your degree. Improve your career. Order free information by clicking here!

Business Law
Call Center Management
Global Management
Human Resource Management
Leadership and Ethics
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Organizational Behavior
Project Management

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Courses

General Education
Political Science

Health Care
ITH 510 Impact of e-Health
Health Care Education
Health Care Management
Health Care Services
Human Services Management

Computer Information Systems
Database Management
Information Technology Project Management
Networks & Telecommunications
Technology Management

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